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In addition, there are seven dog parks where dogs can spend time running with their friends or lounging in the grass under a tree. 


Dogs not wishing to be social can enjoy individual camping areas.  Activities of the ranch can be observed from these areas without having to interact with other campers giving them  a great opportunity for socializing without direct interaction.


The dogs enjoy free playtime from about 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM.  Bedtime is at 9:00 PM.  If your dog is crate trained then they may sleep in the Grand Dog Room or they are closed inside either the barn or one of our secure covered dog runs for the night - your choice.



All Dogs Rule! caters to the whims of dogs wanting to be dogs.



Located on the grounds of The Grand K-9 Ranch in Fillmore, California, All Dogs Rule! caters to the whims of dogs just wanting to be dogs.


Our country setting includes a large converted barn which has been turned into inside rooms /outside dog yards.  Each of the dog areas have an inside room approximately 12' x 15' with thick rubber flooring covered with pine shavings.  There is a large doorway to the outside yard (approximately 20' x 30') which consists of packed dirt.


Friendly dogs may be placed into small groups (based upon size, age and temperament) and are encouraged to run and play at their leisure.  They have unrestricted access to both the inside and outside areas during the day.


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